Plénitude skincare

Brightening Face Serum -- Rose Immortelle

Hydrating Anti-Pollution Skin Protectant:


Whether you have dark spots, skin dullness, or uneven texture, what you need is a skin brightening treatment that enhances the texture of the skin by supporting healthy cell turnover. Our Brightening Face Serum can help revitalize the radiance of your precious skin by nourishing and softening the skin to create the perfect, velvety texture. The unique and comprehensive blend of this serum contains Gotu Kola, Lemongrass, Hyaluronic Acid, and CoQ10 along with other organic ingredients which provide a kiss of hydration to your skin while shielding it against environmental stressors that can diminish skin barrier function. Our lightweight formula was created with dehydrated, mature and sun-damaged complexions in mind, but its gentle potency makes it a wonderful addition to any skincare ritual. A smoother, more luminous appearance awaits you.

The Ritual

In order to ensure your skin adjusts to the serum, we recommend you to start using it gradually. After cleansing in the morning and evening, gently massage a few drops onto the skin. It can work excellently under a layer of sunscreen or moisturizer. This may also be used under a mask for a boost of hydration and antioxidants. Learn more about the ingredients

Note: For external use only.

We truly believe that nature has abundantly provided us with everything we need to feel and look beautiful. We try our very best to preserve the integrity of each ingredient by not compromising their natural state, to ensure the most therapeutic value of each plant’s botanical benefit. We believe beauty should be natural; and we deliver products that will enhance your skin’s natural state without compromises.

Martine chose the French spelling and pronunciation of plenitude paying homage to her roots. Plenitude means abundance and surplus. In countries where we source our ingredients, people typically experience political turmoil and are at a distinct economic disadvantage.

It is easy to forget that these countries are rich in unique nutrients; dense botanicals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We chose to utilize these rare botanical ingredients. In doing so, we hope to present these countries in a new light; one that shows how truly beautiful and vibrant these regions actually are.

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