Our Social Impact

Plenitude Skincare - our social impact

Plénitude’s quest is to inspire, uplift and help female farmers in regions where we source our natural ingredients. With each purchase, you provide employment opportunities in farming; facilitating self-reliance.

I founded Plénitude to encourage meaningful self-care and remind women that there is a company that has their back whenever they may need a boost. It’s about uplifting and serving women worldwide to feel empowered; to feel beautiful and experience self-love.  

Since launching Plénitude in 2019, I have been working on refining my vision to find a meaningful, purposeful mission so one can embrace Plénitude’s founding purpose of uplifting women; a brand that creates worldwide impact beyond skincare. By producing products using our ingredients and investing 10% of our gross sales in female cooperatives around the world, we embrace our mission to contribute to the emancipation of women worldwide. 

We have partnered with two organizations of artisan producers and cooperatives; one of which works exclusively in Haiti. Daniel St Lot, Haiti's Women Foundation, and the Grameen Foundation which covers Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa and the sub-Saharan Africa regions. They provide financial services, supporting small farmers, and try to enhance the health of the community they work with.