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What skin type do i have?

There are different skin types; normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive.
Knowing what skin type you have is important, as you can then choose the best products and treatments to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

To determine the exact type of skin you have, please take our Skincare quiz that will help identify your skin type and recommends which products
are most suitable.

What skincare products can I use while pregnant?

There are many safe products for pregnant women. Our products are all
organic and vegan which are suitable to use while being pregnant. Some
of our products have a very small amount of essential oil at less than
0.5%. Always test a small amount of the product onto your skin before
starting using it.

How long before I start to see results?

Results can vary by individual and what products you are using.

How consistent you are with your skincare routine plays an important role in the success of your results. In general, you should be seeing results after the first month of using our products.

How many steps should I have in my skincare ritual?

Any basic skincare ritual consists of 3 steps; Cleanse, Moisturise and
Hydrate. However, we suggest to have different steps for your morning
and night ritual. Please go to our collections page to see our

What causes acne?

The main cause of acne could be due to excess oil, clogged skin cells, bacteria, poor diet, stress or hormonal changes. It depends on each person however, it can be reduced by controlling which skincare products you use and how consistent you are with your rituals.

What are the most important parts of a skincare ritual?

Always cleanse your face, stick to a ritual and apply SPF to
protect your skin from the sun rays. Please visit our day and night ritual page to see our recommended rituals.

How can I avoid wrinkles and signs of ageing?

Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural process of ageing. Hydration, genetics, diet and exercise all play a role in ageing and our products can help reduce these signs. Please go to our anti-aging page and see our recommended products.

What’s the best way to handle sensitive skin?

We recommend you to use sensitive and organic friendly products, avoid harsh exfoliants and hot water.

Are the fragrances in your products natural and safe? 

We do not use artifical fragrances in our products. We only use essential oils to some of our products according to dermal limit to enhance the overall experience and contribute to a more mindful skincare rituals. Please visit our product pages to understand what fragrances have been added or reach out to us with further questions at

I have dry skin, what products work for me? 

The best way to tackle dry skin is to use the right products such as the serum and cream that penetrate deep into your skin layer, hydrate and lock in the moisture.

Try our skincare quiz which will recommend the right ritual for you.

I have really sensitive skin. Can I use Plénitude products? 

Yes! Most of our products are suitable for sensitive skin, if your skin gets irritated easily then we don't recommend the polishing dust. Try our skincare quiz that will recommend the right ritual for you.

Can I use plenitude products if I am prone to acne and breakouts? 

Yes! All of our skincare products are suitable for this skin type
besides out Haitian Black Castor Oil (you can use it for nails, hair
& body though).

Try our skin quiz which will recommend the right ritual for you.

Where are your products made? 

Beautiful oils and butters from Africa, the Caribbean and Amazonia. We invest a lot of time in R&D to formulate our products with simple ingredients that are natural and highly effective.

Are plant extracts really that effective?

Most definitely! All our products are formulated with our exclusive
blends made from high performing botanicals.

Plant extracts are extremely effective and contain healing powers.Our handcrafted formulas are lovingly created with many EcoCert and USDA Organic ingredients.

Do we source all ingredients sustainably?

We are 100% cruelty free and have been approved under the leaping bunny program as well. Leaping bunny is globally recognized for cruelty free beauty products that ensure all legal requirements are met.

The supply chain checks for any signs of animal testings ensuring customers that
the cruelty free claim is genuine.

We only use only the high quality and performing ingredients that are sustainably sourced from around the world.

Are our products ethically sourced?

Yes, we are committed to building a trusting and transparent relationship with our suppliers and female farmers around the world ensuring quality of our ingredients and products.

Plénitude’s quest is to inspire, uplift and help female farmers in regions where we source our natural ingredients.

We care and are passionate about upholding human rights and support economic growth.

By producing products using
our ingredients and investing 10% of our gross sales in female
cooperatives around the world, we embrace our mission to contribute to the emancipation of women worldwide.We have partnered with two organizations of artisan producers and cooperatives; one of which works exclusively in Haiti.

Daniel St Lot, Haiti's Women Foundation, and the Grameen Foundation which covers Asia, Latin America, the Middle East,
North Africa and the sub-saharan Africa regions.

They provide financial
services, supporting small farmers, and try to enhance the health of the community they work with.

Are Plénitude products suitable for all skin types?

We formulate our products to be suitable for all skin types and select our ingredients to target specific skin conditions so that healthier looking skin is achievable for all.

What is the difference between organic and natural?

Natural ingredients come from plants, flowers and minerals four in nature. Organic ingredients usually come from organic farms that are use environmentally friendly methods of production. These methods include; no artificial coloring, preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics, GMOs or

Does Plénitude use any toxic ingredients?

No, we avoid using toxins and harmful chemicals that are detrimental to your health. Formulated with your wellbeing in mind, our exclusive blends are created with nothing but therapeutic and high-performing
cosmeceuticals and botanicals.

Are Plénitude products suitable for all skin types?

We formulate our products to be suitable for all skin types and select our ingredients to target specific skin conditions so that healthier looking skin is achievable for all.

Do Plénitude products contain alcohol?

No, we do not use alcohol in any of our products.

Can I use Plenitudes products under makeup?

Yes, you can apply make up after your skincare ritual.

How should I store my products?

We encourage you to store your products thoughtfully in a cool, stable environment in their original packaging and use within 1 year of

We also recommend to avoid direct sunlight. Pro Tip; we
sometimes put our serum and cream in the fridge for a cooling effect that refreshes your skin.

What do antioxidants really do?

Antioxidants are great at repairing your skin. They fight free radicals
and protect you from them (for example skin damage from sun light).

How is skin dehydration different from dry skin?

Dehydrated skin is when your skin lacks water while dry skin lack
natural oils (sebum) and is usually considered as a skin condition.

I have eczema, can I use plenitude skincare? 

Our butters are highly moisturizing and are recommended to help with eczema

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We accept all major credit cards as well as payments through Klarna, Google Pay, Paypal and Shop Pay.

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Can I purchase Plénitude in any store ?

We are mainly available online.

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What if an item is out of stock?

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We love to be a part of your most celebratory moments, and we are always thrilled at the opportunity to go above and beyond.

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Do you offer large corporate orders?

Yes, we can make your corporate events fun and add a little bit of magic with our exclusive custom gifts. Contact us to discuss further.

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What is the return/refund policy ?

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Sample sizes are available for sale on our website. You also get two
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What is Klarna?

Klarna offers a a smooth one-click purchase experience through a number of payment options including; direct payments, pay after delivery, installment plans and the Pay In 4 program.

Is your packaging recyclable? 

All of our packaging is recycable, have fun using them in any creative form or dispose in your recycle container.

Are you a wholesale partner or do you want to become one?

 In order to guarantee the freshness of our products, we do not offer wholesale at this time.

What is Plénitude doing to minimise plastics?

We  do our best to limit the use of plastic.  We mainly use glass and bamboo recyclable packaging at this time