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Plénitude’s inspiration is deeply rooted in my ideologies of Caribbean herbalism and traditional folk medicine. From a young age, my grandmother exposed me to the beauty and healing powers of plants. READ MORE

Our Social Impact

Plénitude’s quest is to inspire, uplift and help female farmers in regions where we source our natural ingredients. With each purchase, you provide employment opportunities in farming; facilitating self-reliance. READ MORE

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Plénitude was founded on a passion for empowered healthy living. Formulated with your wellbeing in mind, our exclusive blends are created with nothing but therapeutic and high-performing cosmeceuticals and botanicals. READ MORE

Our Philosophy

We truly believe that nature has abundantly provided us with everything we need to feel and look beautiful. We try our very best to preserve the integrity of each ingredient by not compromising their natural state, to ensure the most therapeutic value of each plant’s botanical benefit. READ MORE


Our Haitian Black Castor Oil is authentic and is sustainably harvested from small Haitian farms. Our luxurious 100% natural, unrefined, unbleached, hand-harvested castor oil promotes deep moisture for glowing skin, as well as the growth of thicker, softer and fuller hair

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The Eco Maquillage Collection is a thoughtfully composed line of clean, sustainable and vegan cosmetics intended to help women enhance their existing beauty. Our collection strives to empower women by providing healthy alternatives that can be infused in their sacred ritual of self-adornment.

 Our cosmetics are inspired by the rich tones found throughout the Caribbean–which you will see throughout our collection. 

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