Collection: Skincare Night Ritual

Having a night ritual is essential as it will get rid of all your daily environmental stressors and rejuvenate your skin overnight.

Step 1:
 Cleanse After a long day, your skin is looking forward to a soothing and anti-inflammatory cleanser such as the Sublime Glow Nourishing Cleanser. TIP: Don't forget your neck.

Step 2: 
Double Cleanse Using the Luminous Polishing Dust, this calming and nourishing blend gently buffs away dry and dehydrated skin to reveal a vibrant and luminous complexion. We recommend using this 1-2 times a week to double cleanse your skin.

Step 3:
Toner Remove any stubborn dirt or makeup with the Floral Essence while it nourishes and shields your skin.

Step 4:
 Oil up Pamper yourself with the Haitian Black Castor Oil. We recommend to use this versatile oil at least 2 times a week to notice the difference of smoother skin, healthier nails and fuller hair.

Step 5: 
Hydrate Our final step is to make sure your body is fully hydrated and able to recover overnight with the Revitalizing cream.