November- The perfect trio.

Hello gorgeous people! 

Do you know our perfect trio?

Our handmade semi-sheer lipgloss is made with natural and organic ingredients that leave your lips hydrated and non-sticky.

We carefully selected these unique colors that will go with everything.

Bliss, Blossom and Ballade, the must have trio essentials for any occasion.

We will always try to impact beyond skincare

Our core mission is to create worldwide impact beyond skincare.

To inspire, uplift and help female farmers in regions where we source our natural ingredients

Martine founded Plénitude to encourage meaningful self-care and remind women that there is a company that has their back whenever they may need a boost.

We have also launched the Sublime Glow Gift Collection in anticipation of Christmas and the holiday season. 

This 5- piece gift box will regenerate, nourish and hydrate your skin.

From cleanser to serum, we created an easy yet effective ritual for day and night.

We have selected the bestselling vegan and organic products from our Sublime Glow Collection.

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We have more news...

Introducing the Mood Night Collection 

We have yet another collection for you, the Mood Night and it is our most luxurious one yet. Escape on a journey around the world from Africa to France and Japan.

Newest to our products, an overnight mask, acne wash, cleansing oils and nectars.

Martine created this luxurious mood night collection because she wanted to highlight some of the best ingredients from different parts of the globe. These ingredients are very well known for targeting different skin conditions such as acne, sensitive and mature skin. She picked a star ingredient from each continent and infused them in slow macerating process in order to conserve the potency of these rare luxurious ingredients.

The result is a collection that is highly effective and gentle to the skin.


Luxurious cleansing oil, beautiful silky and light, perfect for all skin types but especially for mature skin in need for rejuvenation.

This oil clears congested skin, soothe, restores and helps to reduce appearance of blemishes and fine lines.


Discover the beauty traditions and botanicals of Japan and France.

This facial nectar was formulated to comfort delicate, stressed skin.

Oils from French Daisy and Camellia Seed nourish, restore, balance and calm the skin.


A high nutrition serum that repairs as well as provides the skin with moisture and nutrition while you sleep. 

It covers the skin with lasting hydration, minimizing the harsh signs of pollution and supports the skin without feeling greasy.


An infused nectar of African Hibiscus and Sandalwood.

This facial nectar leaves your skin looking and feeling supple, toned, balanced and soothed thanks to the vitamin-rich fruit extracts that come together and illuminate your skin.

Sweep away on an African Safari.


An enzyme and supergreen mask formulated to brighten and clarify blemish prone skin.

Matcha and Spiraling feed skin nutritious vitamins and antioxidants while protecting it from sun damage and pollution.


An herbal acne wash made from African soap and willow bark.

A creamy, extra gentle and low foam deep pore cleanser, formulated to help soothe and enrich with calming botanical extract to reduce inflammations.


Take your senses to the Arabian Sea with this nutrient, antioxidant-rich facial nectar.

Formulated with botanicals and herbs inspired by Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine.

Organic Saffron oil, Indian Amla oil, and Babchi oils harmonize to restore your skin's natural radiance.



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