May - An unfrogettable experience.

Welcome to our May Newsletter

This month is a very special month to us because so many positive things are happening.


We are absolutely excited to share this with you and grateful at the same time to being able to participate at The Workshop at Macy's while representing Plénitude Skincare.

The Workshop at Macy's is the retail industry’s longest running vendor development program dedicated exclusively to diverse, women, LGBTQ, and veteran-owned businesses.

They select high potential applicants, which we were part of, to provide the tools to better succeed and sustain growth through one-on-one education from Macy’s, Inc.’s top executives.

You can now find and shop our products directly at Macy's

It is an unforgetful experience being part of the 2022 Class and interacted with top executives as well as the other 24 brands that were chosen.

Check out this article on Bloomberg where we are featured.

View our products at Macys here.


Plénitude aspires to connect women to the most exotic and often untouched regions of the world.

We believe beauty is natural.

Our products are effective, yet gentle and will rejuvenate your skin and restore it to excellent conditions.

We care about the ingredients and making it as sustainable as possible without compromising the quality. All of Plénitude's products are vegan, organic and do not contain a single drop of toxic chemicals.


Our unique polishing dust is packed with organic, finely milled botanical powders that revive, calm, nourish and brightens your skin.

We love to use it as a double cleanser with a water or our nourishing cleanser combination.

Visit our Sublime Glow collection for more products.


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