March - Appreciating mother nature.

Welcome to our March Newsletter

Plénitude skincare is inspired by the exotic indigenous flora of the tropical islands.

Plénitude was founded to encourage self-care in a sustainble way that does not compromise quality nor impacts the environment negatively.

We truly believe that nature provided us with everything we need to feel and look beautiful. Beauty should be natural; and we deliver skincare products that will enhance your skin’s natural state without compromises.

We are deeply rooted in history, the Caribbean has been distinguished for its biodiversity. On the Islands, people have been using plants, spices and herbs to naturally heal, prevent illnesses and so much more. Due to its warm, tropical climate, some of the plants and flowers are exclusively grown here.

We are founded on legacy. The Caribbean is a melting pot with rituals from all over the world, in particular the oil treatments from Africa, Indian Ayurveda and Spanish rituals. These rituals have been used by the Islanders to keep their skin hydrated from the tropical weather. 

Our skincare products are bold, luxurious and spiced that have been inspired by the Islands.


Our founding purpose is uplifting women; a brand that creates worldwide impact beyond skincare.

We invest 10% of our gross sales in female coorperatives around the world. We have partnered with 2 organisations that help provide financial services, supporting small farmers, and try to enhance the health of the community they work with.

With each purchase, you provide employment opportunities; faciliating self-reliance for those women.

To find out more about our purpose visit our page. 

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