Plénitude skincare

Luminous Polishing Dust -- Papaya Oats

Multi-functional Cleansing Grains:


Exquisitely formulated to refine, brighten and revive your skin’s radiance, our Luminous Polishing Dust impeccably delivers maximum clarity with minimum irritation. Perfect for those who desire a radiant complexion, this exquisitely formulated exfoliant is created to comprehensively remove dry, dehydrated, and devitalized skin. Luminous Polishing Dust is clarifying, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. Its eclectic and organic ingredients range from Adzuki Bean, Colloidal Oatmeal, Papaya Enzymes, and Blueberry—all of which contribute to a deeply calming, nourishing and protective skin polish.

The Ritual

After cleansing, blend a ½ teaspoon of Luminous Polishing Dust with a few drops of water to create a milky paste. You may also blend with the Nourishing Cleanser for a luxurious treatment. Massage mixture onto face and neck in circular motions, but make sure you avoid the eye area. Let it sit for at least 1-2 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water or a damp washcloth. You can use it 1-2 times per week or as needed. Learn more about the ingredients.

Note: For external use only.

We truly believe that nature has abundantly provided us with everything we need to feel and look beautiful. We try our very best to preserve the integrity of each ingredient by not compromising their natural state, to ensure the most therapeutic value of each plant’s botanical benefit. We believe beauty should be natural; and we deliver products that will enhance your skin’s natural state without compromises.

Martine chose the French spelling and pronunciation of plenitude paying homage to her roots. Plenitude means abundance and surplus. In countries where we source our ingredients, people typically experience political turmoil and are at a distinct economic disadvantage.

It is easy to forget that these countries are rich in unique nutrients; dense botanicals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We chose to utilize these rare botanical ingredients. In doing so, we hope to present these countries in a new light; one that shows how truly beautiful and vibrant these regions actually are.

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